Roadside litter - we need your help

Roadside litter costs business and government large sums of money in clean up costs every year. Litter damages the environment and can create hazards for motorway users.

In 2008-09, Hills M2 maintenance crews collected an estimated 40 tonnes of waste resulting from motorist litter and lost loads on the motorway. That's equivalent in cans, bottles, wrappers and other rubbish to the weight of five African Elephants or 30 VE Holden Commodores!

Hills M2 is surrounded by large areas of native bushland . At the M2 we have been working hard with local councils and the community to care for and protect this valuable habitat.

Rubbish from passing vehicles can be washed into creeks and rivers, causing damage to the environment. We are asking motorists to help us avoid the environmental problems created by road side litter, including: Many of these problems can be prevented by simply acting responsibility. No matter where you live, it is important to consider the environment for the long term.

Did you know that under NSW Legislation, members of the public to can take action against motorists who litter?

Local councils and the Department of the Environment and Climate Change have the power to issue penalty notices for littering.

You can do something about the impacts of littering. To report a litterbug, call the NSW Government Environment Line on 131 555 or for further information click here to enter the Department of Environment and Climate Change website.

Hints for keeping the motorway clean Hills M2 maintenance crews regularly sweep the motorway for debris and during the past year were called out on average 16 times per month to remove large hazardous items resulting from lost loads.

We will do our bit – but we need your help.